Freeze Away Your Inner & Outer Thigh Fat with CoolSculpting*

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CoolSculpting for inner thighs, 8 weeks post treatment

There's been a lot of talk lately, particularly on social media, about the #thighgap—the unrealistic fitness phenomenon even got a well-deserved standup on SNL a few months ago. Did you think that having "thick thighs" and an rear-that-won't-quit was simply part of you heritage? It doesn't have to be that way.*

Our CoolSmooth Pro, CoolSculpting head is just the right size to take care of those irritating lumps and bumps on your outer thighs.*

For the inner thighs we have the CoolFit, CoolSculpting head that can make your 'thighgap' look beautiful again!*

CoolSmooth Pro and Coolfit are now FDA-approved for the inner and outer thighs.

The clincher for most people is the non-invasive, painless nature of the CoolSculpting procedure and it can be over an extra long lunch break (one-hour session per inner thigh).** Other body-contouring treatments, like liposuction, would require some form of anesthesia as well as a painful recovery period, including swelling and fluid retention.

CoolFit vs CoolSmooth applicators
Thigh Gap Before and After Photo