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Freeze Away Arm Fat with CoolSculpting*

The only non-surgical FDA cleared treatment for upper arm fat*


We have had hundreds of patients desiring to treat upper arm fat with CoolSculpting. Now there is an FDA approved solution from Zeltiq, the inventors of CoolSculpting, for just this purpose!


Introducing the CoolAdvantage Petite


Previously we were using the the CoolSculpting CoolFit applicator for treating some patient arms, but patient selection was an issue since there had to be enough fat to fill the applicator.


Just like the traditional CoolSculpting procedures, results become visible 4-6 weeks following treatment with improvement continuing for up to 4 months.


The fat in the upper arm area has always been more difficult to lose with just diet and exercise. Now there is an FDA cleared option to help with this troublesome area of fat.*


*Your individual results and

patient experience may vary

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2 Avram MM1, Harry RS., Cryolipolysis for subcutaneous fat layer reduction, Lasers Surg Med. 2009 Dec;41(10):703-8. www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20014262


3 Results and patient experience may vary.


Freeze Away Arm Fat with CoolSculpting*

Freeze Away Arm Fat with CoolSculpting*